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[Interactive Business Plan 90% complete: in progress]

We Are an Educational and Entertainment Software Company

    Sub-Quantum Businesses started out as an educational technology company with strong emphasis on e-learning solutions and our own e-learning suite. After rigorous research about the educational industry and market, we realized we could definitely complete in the market as well be a leader and one day, the leader in providing the best educational tools and learning technology in the world. To make sure this happened according to plan, we sought additional education in the fields of Human Computer Interaction, cognitive science, and business productivity in order to create computer programs that different types of users from different background and experience levels would love to use and that would benefit them in their education and careers.

    The requirement for high impact products is centered around computer graphics and appealing, easy to use user interfaces. To satisfy this requirement, six years of intensive study was done on those and adjacent subjects. In addition, 3 years of thorough and advanced c++ language programming study was done and completed. During this time additional work in various categories was also completed. With some thinking and software engineering research, it was realized we had the capabilities to create our own video games and computer generated movies, as well as high quality interacive applications for personal computer, mobile devices, and smart phones, all utilizing different types of operating systems. After some additional business research, we rebranded ourselves as an Education and Entertainment Software Company.

    Not long after we applied, we were accepted into Microsoft’s Bizspark entrepreneurial program and have started on our path in becoming a Microsoft Partner, and hope to one day be a featured Microsoft Partner, as we believe at Sub-Quantum Businesses, using technology for the greater good is a great way to do business. During that time we moved our entire infrastructure and centered product development around Microsoft Azure and Microsoft programming technologies for initial phases of product deployment. After establishment, we plan on releasing products for Linux, Apple OSX, and other unix derived platforms using Intel and OpenGL technology. We are currently still in the startup phase of growth, but thanks to eXtreme programming practices, we have created an extremely sound, stable, and robust architecture, platform, and infrastructure that will allow us to fully execute our mission and reach our technology and financial goals.

Advanced Business Productivity and Management Workflows
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Secure Content Management
  • Centralized and Secure Technology Infrastructure using Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing
  • Automatic management system scalablity for handling Customer and Company growth
  • Proprietary and Partner driven deployment and sales channels

  • C++
  • Win32
  • Computer Graphics Programming
  • Microsoft DirectX
  • HTML5
  • WebGL
  • OpenGL
  • Interactive Applications
  • Cross Platform Technology
  • Databases
  • Supercomputing and Cloud Technologies
  • Education and Higher Education
  • Book Authoring and Book Publishing
  • Digital Interactive Entertainment
  • Movies
  • Video Games on PC and Consoles
  • Computer Applications and Productivity
  • Mobile Apps and Games
  • Infotainment, Infomedia, and Advertising Technology
  • eLearning and Project Management Suite
  • Computer Generated Films and Web-Series
  • Video Games
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Digital Content and In-App purchases
  • eGreeting Cards

    Sub-Quantum Businesses L.L.C, an Educational and Entertainment software company is creating products and services in both in education and the entertainment industry using software, developed by itself and by partnering with industry leaders. For education, we are creating cutting edge tools for professors, Universities, and Colleges, as well as training and educational tools for enterprises and businesses. We also have conducted research and development and create products in the field of entertainment and edutainment, namely computer-generated film, web-series, and content, interactive multimedia applications and computer programs, video games, eGreeting cards, digital content and merchandise, and are also developing a new platform called interactive eBooks, essentially becoming an eBook publisher and content producer. For our biggest market, computer generated film and video games, we are focusing entirely on Science Fiction and High Fantasy genre content. Once established we will also be working on sports genre content for films and web-series.

    There are market opportunities available in these product segments, were products are stagnant or non-existent, and the problem also lies in the fact that these are extremely difficult products and services to develop, the reason why there is a gap to begin with. We have spent the last 8 years conducting research and development in order to systematically bridge those gaps using latest advances in engineering, computer science, business productivity, and management. We have carefully crafted a business infrastructure and partnered with the right companies, industry leaders, and are learning in their professional development programs to maximize product revenue, reduce cost, and increase customer and consumer satisfaction both short term and long term, across multiple customer and market segments, locally at first, and then globally.

    Our primary competitive advantage is that we focus not only creating carefully crafted and high-quality products, with the nothing but the best in selected parts and technology, though also on the manufacturing, engineering, development, and deployment of both primary and supporting products, to create well rounded product solutions that are safe, enjoyable, and affordable.

The amount of consumers that purchase digital goods online has been steadily increasing every year, in North America, and around the globe.
Science Fiction and High Fantasy genre's are a small portion of the market, though recently the number of consumers and sales has signficantly increased and new market opportunities are available
Why choose Science Fiction and High Fantasy films, when they only make up a smaller percentage of movie market?     
  • It is because it is what we know best, what we love, and the type of content we would like to create
  • Secretly, Scienece Fiction and High Fantasy content is extremely complex, and difficult to do
    • This is why there isn't much content released
  • Customers are unique and share the same passion for the content, stories, and characters
  • Consumers appreciate high quality at a reasonable price, and will become repeat customers

Growth Plan

    The entertainment division will grow very fast. This is due to the nature of products both in low cost, and consumer market attributes. Consumers or clients can buy, watch, or play more than one game, movie, or book within a time period. We are strategically creating entertainment products that fit the budget of all consumers types and are providing a medium through they can be easily accessible for purchase. This expands market reach considerably and our primary concern is creating high quality and functional products that create loyal and return customer situations for our company.

    The nature of the cost of a movie or book is within acceptable range for purchasing more than one from different companies or vendors. The only limiting factor is being able to produce a high quality product in terms of visual quality or producing content that is appealing to audiences. All of our primary Research and Development has been spent researching and engineering technology that satisfies these requirements that would normally prevent entry to or success in market. By conducting market research, we are creating products that are currently limited in availability in the market, and thus providing the means to fill current market gaps in the entertainment industry.

    The educational division could grow fast, but may take time to be universally accepted. This is by design, and due to the nature of the clients and customers, as well as the amount of money the product will cost to produce and be priced at. Usually this is a very long process, but because we have working on engineering a solution that is easily integrated into existing infrastructures and because we are partnering with Microsoft, and modelling our technology design and infrastructure after theirs, we are producing a product that educational facilities should find easy to use and would like to have.

    Success could only be hindered by lack of execution and not working to full potential or skill level by executive leadership. This is true for any business, and especially true for any multi-billion dollar business, which we have the definite potential of becoming. We have mitigated and fully prepared for not failing through years of research, development, engineering, and re-engineering, as well as investment of obtaining new skillsets and improving our leadership skills and knowledge base, as well as our overall knowledge base on the overally industry, and adjacent markets, as well as subject field area expertise on potential employees based on what they will be hired for.


Production and Service Strategy

Primary products and services
  • E-learning Suite and Project Management software
  • Video Games
  • CG Film Movies and Web Series
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Digital Apps and Services
  • eGreeting Cards
Supplementary products and services
  • In app purchases of content
  • E-learning module creation services
  • DLC’s for video games
  • Game related apps
  • Posters and Wallpapers: High quality Content
  • Albums and Music soundtracks
  • Franchise products
    • Clothes
    • Jewelery
    • Costumes
    • Action Figures, Statues, and Figurines
    • VR Games that work with model kits. For example, castle, dungeon, and wizards tower
We will be using our cutting studio which has been engineered specificially for rapid prototyping and simultaneous development of high quality games, movies, and content for release of multiple products every two years, once production is started.
    Our primary products centered around Science Fiction and High Fantasy themes
  • Turn based Role Playing Video Games
    • Urth
    • Future Earth 3030
    • Adventures of the Valkyries
    • Games specifically made for the asian audience
      • India: Spiritual, Mythology; game(s) TBD
      • China: Spiritual, Mythology; game(s) TBD
After establishment, we will also have departments within our entertainment division that creates the following types of products:
  • Video Games
    • Platformers
    • FPS
  • Mobile Games
  • Movies
    • Sports
      • Ice Hockey
      • Tennis
      • Baseball
      • Basketball
      • Football
      • Soccer
      • Our sports movies will cover the following themes, in addition to to many others:
        • Life as an athlete with different scenarios
        • Teamwork and good sportsmanship
        • Good attitude with romantic and comedic elements
        • Championship level play and effort
Digital Goods and Services

We are supplementing our products by creating free resources for the industry and for consumers, to promote our business, and creating products and content that promote discussion in fields of study. From within our company, we plan on growing employees so they can also run their own business one day, if they are ready for it, and our industry will grow and continue to flourish because of this right attitude and business practice of creating a healthy workplace promotes competition and rewards hard work through accountability.

    The real opportunity is the size of the market and low number of serious competitors in the space. This coupled with the nature of the markets, allow for healthy competition and in fact, encourages it, due to the nature of digital technology and virtual space.

This is true for both the educational and entertainment software industries and markets.

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