Welcome to Sub-Quantum Businesses Business Portal

We are an educational and entertainment software and technology company startup

A Microsoft Bizspark Graduate

Educational Software

We are creating an e-learning suite for Colleges, Universities, and educational facilities of all kinds
Additional enterprise solutions are in development and will be avaialble for corporations and businesses of all sizes after establishment.

Entertainment Division  

Video Games

Our entertainment division is creating HD Video Games for PC in the following genres: High Fantasy and Science Fiction
Our first title we are working on is a turn based High Fantasy Role Playing Game called: The Urth

CG Films and Media

Sub-Quantum Businesses is currently working on a CG Movie Studio using technologies from Microsoft and Autodesk
to create CG Films, Series, and supporting content in the following genres
High Fantasy
Science Fiction and Cyber Fantasy

Interactive Story Books

We are currently working on a new form of eBooks called Interactive eBooks, for which we create content and are becoming a publisher, as well as creating the technology for platform and market.

Health and Wellness Division

Bodybuilding and Fitness

We have been actively researching and working on a Bodybuilding and Fitness application and program that will work on platforms and devices for a state of the art, interactive, and complete bodybuilding and fitness solution. A more robust version will be made available for gyms and sports rehabilitation facilities.

Other Technologies

After establishment, we are going to be working on other technologies for profit and philanthropic reasons including AgroTech and Robotics

Philanthropy and Mission

Making a difference is important. We have been doing signficant amounts of research in a variety of technologies, in addition to software, so we can fully contribute to charity and philanthropic causes.
We plan on using our revenue to create advanced technology beginning with automated farms for feeding the hungry and better cash crops for farmers.
In addition, we plan on using non-artificial intelligent robotic systems to do things like clean up pollution and help stabilize our ecosystem, like planting trees.