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Sub-Quantum CG Animated Film and Movie Studios

We are currently engineering and in development of a hardware accelerated platform of products in Microsoft Azure and apps on PC's that will allow us to produce computer genereated movies and videos of the highest quality.
Our Phase 1 of 4 is 85% complete. We are using the latest software engineering, computer engineering, and computer science principles using the best technology and development environment available courtesty of Microsoft Corporation.
All our products are engineered and developed in house, with the exception of libraries and tools from Microsoft and potential partners SDK's.
Some of the features include, but are not limited to:
  • Plugin(s) for Autodesk Product(s)
  • Film and Video Script Management System
  • Content Delivery Network enabled Product Delivery System
  • Content Management System and client utilities
  • Rendering System and Platform
  • Computational Physics system
  • Visual Effects Development and Production System
  • Workflow management system for managers and team leads
  • Audio Processing Suite of tools and Music Studio for real time audio engineering
  • Film production suite

We produce Movies and Films of the following genres: